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What If… you pray to someone other than God?

Are you not then turning that person dead or alive, into a god or idol, and therefore serving Satan? Christ taught us how to pray by giving us the Lord’s Prayer beginning “Our Father”. Jesus told His disciples not to even ask Him for anything after He was gone, but to ask the Father for things in His name. Therefore do not pray to anyone other than God.


What If… a Church takes the Word of God out of context to get another meaning that was not intended by God?

Is this following God or Satan, and again you have to conclude that it is Satan that they are following, as we are told that you are not to add or take away from the word of God. And if you are taking his word out of context then you are truly adding to His word.

What If…churches deny the word of God?

Are they following God or Satan… Satan of course! You cannot deny the word of God and still be following Him. If you tell people there is no sin, then you deny the Word of God. If you have pastors that have chosen to live in sin and deny that it is sin, even though the Word of God says it is sin, then they are not worshipping God but are worshipping Satan. If a church invites sinners into their church, but fails to tell them they are sinning, then they are failing these people and God. You need to know that you are sinners and that you are sinning so as to be able to ask God for forgiveness and to be able to accept Christ as Lord and Savior to get to Heaven.

What If…when God created earth He created it with a perfect year of 360 days, which would give us 12 months of 30 days? And what if a day in Heaven is actually 1000 of His perfect years?

This would actually change our earthly dates for prophetic happenings by quite a bit. God made things perfectly and they only changed from perfect when Adam sinned therefore we can assume that the days started to get longer after Adam sinned. We know that the sixth day ended with everything being very good. We also know that Adam sinned early on the seventh day, therefore we can do a rough calculation as to what our date would be with perfect years, as time in Heaven will always be perfect. From the creation of Adam to 2012 is approximately 6012 years, this would mean that in 6012 years the length of the year has increased by 5 ¼ days, therefore if you take half that increase and multiply it by the length of time you should get the number of extra days we have lost compared to Heaven’s time. Half of 5 ¼ days is 2.625 days and when you multiply this by 6012 years you get 15781.5 days, and when you divide this by 360 days you get 43.84 years. When you add 43 years to our date of 2012 it becomes approximately 2065, and knowing that the sixth day starts somewhere between 2000 and 2130, we then know that we have a lot less than 65 years before the tribulation , and the return of the Lord.