Abortion: “Medical Procedure” or Murder?

If abortion is merely a “medical procedure”, then there can be no life in the child until birth.

Is the child only a part of the women carrying it until he or she is born? 

We know that it has life or it would not be growing inside the womb.  Also we know that if it is part of the woman that is carrying it, it would have the same DNA as she has. This we know is not true, because the child has its own DNA from conception through birth until death. Therefore our only conceivable conclusion is to say that what we call a medical procedure is actually murder.

What does God say about when we become human?

In Jeremiah 1:5 God tells Jeremiah that even before he was formed in the belly, He knew him and before he came forth out of the womb He sanctified him and ordained him a prophet unto the nations. In Job 31:15 Job states that God made him in the womb and that he indeed was fashioned in the womb. Therefore, again we can see that from conception we are who we will be right up to death.

Governments who deny the rights of this group of unborn babies are actually allowing them to be murdered with no consequences to anyone.

Many governments tell us that it is immoral to kill convicted murderers, yet they allow hundreds of thousands of innocent children to be murdered each year.  I would conclude that any government that does this does not have a clue about moral vs. immoral, right vs. wrong.

Leaders, if you have a majority government, you can give these children the rights they should have.  If you do not, and we continue to kill innocent children,  I wonder when you die and stand before God and He asks you what happened to all the innocent children you allowed to be killed; will you have the nerve to tell him it was only a medical procedure, as the unborn child was a non-entity.

The war crimes trials (after the Second World War) made three important contributions to international law. Firstly, all persons, regardless of their station or occupation in life, can be held accountable for their behavior. People cannot insulate themselves from personal responsibility by blaming the country, or government for which they committed the particular crime.

Secondly, the trial established that individuals cannot shield themselves from liability for crimes by saying that they were simply following orders issued by a superior. Subordinates in the government are now bound by their obligations under international law, obligations that transcend their duty to obey an order issued, and that they are not to persecute civilians.

Thirdly, the trial stated that it is a war crime to commit crimes against humanity.

I will therefore state that many governments have committed crimes against humanity by allowing all these abortions in their countries when they call them “medical procedures” or something else.